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What is green energy?

Green energy is the type of energy that when produced, it has less negative impact on the environment than fossil energy.

Cửa Lò năng lượng xanh

A military barracks at Cua Lo & #8211; Nghe An uses electricity entirely from solar energy. Photo: N. Thọ

The types of green energy that people often refer to today are solar energy, wind power, wave energy and geothermal energy. There are also many types of energy that are considered "green", even nuclear power, because in an active (safe) state, it produces a much lower amount of waste than coal. stone or oil. Renewable energy is another name for green energy.

The goal of green energy production is to generate energy but not harm the environment. Every form of energy production is more or less affecting the environment, but, among them, renewable energy is the subject of the least impact.

Most followers of renewable energy believe that the more humanity uses green energy, the longer our planet will "live". Greenhouse gases, a byproduct of producing energy in the old fashioned way, are the reason for the rapid warming of the world today.

Another benefit to mention is that green energy does not need to be "imported". For example, a locality can produce its own electricity by installing solar panels to absorb energy, thereby generating electricity. If used properly, excess energy can be stored in the storage for later use, or, transmitted to the local power grid to supply it elsewhere.

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